Sunday, July 11, 2010

babies chair

At first, I tried to convince myself that "Ben af Schulten" was just Finnish for "babies chair," and that this chair was produced by a project delayed by Artek Artek's most famous co-founder, Alvar Aalto. Not that I'm a big fan of Aalto's bentwood stools and high-modernist-linoleum and Formica tables. I must confess, their popularity among institutional and decades of cheap imitations are not only cold, but cold on a budget "to me. In any case, Ben af Schulten, of course, longtime director of design Artek (Aalto and disciple), and designed the chair in 1965 "in the spirit of Aalto. Since the Master has been around for another decade or so, you can probably assume that Aalto chair gave his blessing - or at least did not hate it enough to kill him. And this must be something of value. Depending on whether the model of natural birch or painted Artek estimated that "something" on $ 806 or $ 832, respectively. Dealers figure is "something around 15% less, say $ 685-707, and navigation is almost upon us." Ben Schulte f 616 high chair, by Artek [via babychic101] The 616 is available with child-Aalto stools, tables and chairs or [no] report [Update: DT reader and vintage modern guru Orelandy spotted a vintage chair high Artek for $ 275. And 'white, with a little' patina, but this is not that buying vintage, first? modern50 happen to be where we gathered our vintage Eames rocker, good boy, good stuff. Note: he calls a "Danish Modern High Chair", though. close enough.]